Friday, October 9, 2009

Sewing College Game Day Dresses

NOTE:  This is a work in progress as I figure out how to work with this blog layout!  So please excuse my inexperience until I get it figured out!  This blog is a work on progress; ultimately it will have more pictures with explicit instructions on how to make Game Day dresses. 

Here is a finished Aggie Game Day Dress.  Read below for tips on how we crafted our game day dresses. Materials for this dress:  A Victoria's Secret Aggie T-Shirt from their PINK Collegiate Line, coordinating fabric, and elastic.
Here is a finished ACU Game Day Dress.  Emily will be a real trendsetter, as this fashion trend has not hit the ACU campus yet!
Christine proudly models her ACU Game Dress

For all of these dresses, we started with ready made t-shirts.  For the Aggie dress, the t-shirt was cut off an inch or so longer than where we were to attach the skirt, to allow for the seam to attach the shirt to the skirt.  For my daughter, it was approximately 16 inches from the shoulder.  Measure from your shoulder to where you want the attached skirt to start, and cut off the t-shirt 1 inch longer.  So if you want the t-shirt to stop 16 inches down from your shoulder, then cut it off at 17 inches.

Here's pictures from our recent adventure at making our second round of Game Day dresses! It was great fun, and we continue to learn each time we do this. I will eventually get around to provide instructions for each picture so this makes sense!

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